Have You Ever Tried This Food?

There is something unique in every country. For example, France for fashions, perfumes, and vine, England for cricket, royal families and educational institutes. Italy is famous for cars, arts and culture. Just as that, there are types of food which are famous for some countries.

There are uncountable numbers of food types in the world and you have tried only a few of them. But, if you have any passion for traveling, you will come across different types of food in different countries. As I’ve mentioned earlier, some countries have unique types of foods. For example, India is famous for spicy foods. You cannot experience the real taste of these foods anywhere else but only made by the original folks. So, for your knowledge, here are some countries and the types of food which are famous in those countries.

Indonesia – They say that the best food is in Indonesia is Rendang. This is made by beef with a mixture of galangal, garlic, ginger, turmeric, chilies and simmered with coconut milk. They use this food for ceremonies and to honor guests.

Nasi goreng is another one of the mouth watering dishes in the world, made in nowhere else, but in Indonesia. This is a combine of rice with egg, chicken, and prawns. This is one of the most voted dishes in the world. So, if you have tried these Indonesian dishes once in your life, you will realize the how tasty they are.

China – quality chinese dumplings in Melbourne CBD, food that covered with a filling, which consists small pieces of dough, have become one of the most favorite foods in the world.

Unlike other foods, Chinese dumplings can be prepared in many ways such as boiled dumplings, steamed dumplings, egg dumplings and pan-fried dumplings. This food is served mainly in the Chinese New Year. And they eat this at the midnight in the year. There’s a belief among Chinese that dumplings bring prosperity for them. So, when they prepare dumplings, they do it with a great care.

Japan – Sushi, not only famous in Japan, but everywhere else. This is made from raw fish and rice. However, the taste of this food is tremendous. This is the most favorite food in Japan. It’s a tradition that very Japanese woman has to know how to prepare Sushi.
The other famous dish in Japan is Ramen. This is a type of noodles, but not like the ordinary noodles we eat. Ramen clearly reveals the talents of Japanese chefs. Just like the Sushi, Ramen is also a world popular dish.