7 Ways Of Drinking More Water

You might not like to drink water but water is crucial for daily living. Water is used to wash the outer skin and cleanse the inner body of any toxins. You might be struggling to get the required 8 cups of water a day. If you do not drink water you will have many skin issues like pimples and boils so here are some ways to spice up the boring water drink:

Add flavor to the water
You must think of adding flavor to your water like watermelon or oranges slices to make the drink more delectable. This way you will be consuming water in a twist. You can even let the water, sit in the fridge for hours so that it gets well saturated and forms a thick, water lemonade or watermelon.

Make your food spicy
Have you noticed when your food is spicy the greater the chances of you reaching out for water? The red chilies are known for boosting your metabolism and causing your mouth to itch and sting for more water. Next time remember to make your food spicy. If you are having lunch at the office make sure you have ample water or wait until the office water delivery supply company, provides water bottles for the office.

Get a few good water apps on to your phone
If you are unsure of how much water your drink, get some apps on to your phone which will remind you that it is time to drink water. Some apps like water logged are great for keeping track of how much of water you have had. You can also make a time table for your phone that shows how much you have already consumed for the day. Try to have more hot water if you are suffering from sinuses and cold water if the day is very humid. Try getting someone to fix the hot cold water dispenser in the office if you have no way of getting the water you need.

Always keep the water close to you
You might be stuck with work or studies, but it is crucial that you keep the water close to you. You must try and keep a huge bottle of water close by so that you will have water to drink. If you work for an office job, keep the cup or bottle within eye distance.

Get a water filter you can use
If you have a water filter that consumes a lot of space and leaves a stain on your glass. It is time for you to upgrade the filter! You can purchase the great new Soma filter which is made of out of coconut, silk and plant. You will not see black stains in your hot cold water dispenser and you will get a new water filter every 2-3 months.

Take water to the gym
Always take water to the gym if you want to be hydrated. After a heavy workout you will need some water to refresh yourself. You can carry some detox water with orange and strawberry fruit pieces or some plain ice cold water.

Try eating foods that have water
You might constantly forget to drink water but eating foods that have water ,provides you with your water quantity for the day even if your office water delivery company hasn’t delivered water bottles for the week. You can simply quench your thirst with food. You will be sated by eating cucumber, celery, water melon or a chicken and vegetable soup with a thin broth layer on top.

Remember that water is food for our soul so never skip out on drinking water if you want glowing skin and a well detoxed inner body!